Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pilot Watch: Witches of East End

If Sarah D. Bunting hadn't mentioned this show favorably in a blog post, I would likely have never watched it.  It's on the Lifetime network.  THE LIFETIME NETWORK.  Anything that bills itself as the "network for women" is not going to be for me.  Yes, I'm a woman.  I got the tits and hooha to prove it.  But...I'm not a girly girl.  I don't usually like girly things.  I do like some rom-coms, but usually I only like romance if there are vampires or something like that in the mix.  Straight romance, not really my kinda thing.  Happy crappy romantic movies are the anti-Sandisan.  Gimme a dick flick, something with a Statham or a Willis, lots of action and some tits and I'll be happy.  So, yeah.  Lifetime Network: Not For Me.  (my love of Sex and the City does not negate any of what I've just said, BTW)

BUT.  I do like shows about witches.  I like shows about sisters.  And this show has Witch Sisters!!  Yay!!  Unfortunately, it has Ms. Channing Tatum, who despite having fantastic tits and doesn't mind wearing shirts that show them off, is quite a bad actress.  She's not embarrassingly bad, she's just not...good.  Plus, she gets to see Channing nekkid whenever she wants, and well, he gets to see her nekkid whenever he wants, which makes me not like him all of a sudden, and well, confusing.  ANYWAY.  She's probably the worst part of the show, and really, she's not that bad.  Besides, Madchen Amick!!  Shelley from Twin Peaks!!!  She's looking good, and she's really funny and I love her.

The show itself is a lot like Charmed, which, yes Witch Sisters and I watched ALL OF IT.  Hot Witch Sisters, to boot.  Especially Holly Marie Combs, who was one of my first female crushes, back when I didn't really know what that meant.  Anyway, there's some silly romantic stuff, Jenna Dewan-Tatum's fianc√© is named DASH (ugh), but I can ignore it if the focus stays on the witchy parts.  I was actually surprised by how much I liked this show.

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