I rate every movie that I see. I think it started a few years ago when we started Neftlixing. So every movie I decide to review on this site will be rated via my own nifty system. I thunk it up all on my owns!!

Actually, it ended up being a mixture of Roger Ebert's system and Netflix's system. Ebert does stars, from 0 to 4, and utilizes halfsies. Not sure I've ever seen a 0 1/2 rating, but there ya go. Netflix does stars, 1-5, no halfsies and no zeros.

1 star: Hated it
2 stars: Didn't like it
3 stars: Liked it
4 stars: Really liked it
5 stars: Loved it

Ebert's isn't quite that easily explained, but in his review of the awesomely amazing Shaolin Soccer, he did give a bit of a rundown of his system. Basically, if he gives a movie 3 stars, that means that he enjoyed it for the most part, that compared to other movies of its type, it was good. Not great, not terrible. So a 3 1/2 star movie is better than other movies of its type and a 4 star movie is one of the greatest of its type. So: Ebert generally doesn't care for Adam Sandler movies. They generally get 2 1/2 stars, I think. So if he ever gave an Adam Sandler movie 3 1/2 stars, you know it's probably something work checking out. My point being, he compares apples to apples, rather than comparing American Pie to Schindler's List.

I like to judge things. I love to criticize. I mean, critique. Yeah! That sounds less bitchy. So I rate everything, and it's usually on a gut level, not a highly intellectual level. I see something, think it's AWESOME, and I give it 5 stars. A 3 star movie for me is just a step up from "meh." I enjoyed it, but might not watch it again. A 2 1/2 star movie is one that I wouldn't watch again but didn't particularly hate. My ratings aren't necessarily that consistent, though. So There.