Sunday, September 14, 2014

TV quickies

Just some quick thoughts on some of the shows I watch:

Sons of Anarchy started its final season and it looks like it's going to be a huge fucking slog to get through (based on the premiere).  There's only one character I don't want to fucking slap across the face, and that's Jimmy Smits' character.  And he's likely to die soon.  The one good thing about all this is that as this show is loosely an homage to Hamlet, everyone is going to die by the end of it all, so at there's there's that to look forward to.  But come on, Sutter.  Can it with the fucking musical montages.  There were two in the premiere and that's just utter bullshit, dude.  The second one was scored to a horrific cover of Bohemian Rhapsody and just would not end.  I was mentioning this to hubbie on the way to the grocery store (we live an exciting life) and he said he'd thought it would never stop.  He also joked that the finale would likely just be one long musical montage and that is a quality joke.  But don't get any fucking ideas, Sutter.  I just want them all DEAD.  And yes, this has always been a show about problematic characters but they were people you could still, I dunno, maybe not root for, but they were complicated.  Now they've all just become one-note EVIL and that's just lazy and boring.  We'll see if I actually make it through the season, but I'm pretty stubborn, so I likely will. 

The Leftovers finished its first season and I quite enjoyed it overall.  I mean, as much as you can "enjoy" a fucking depressing show.  And it is.  A fucking depressing show.  But it was compelling with characters I wanted to spend time with, and that's about all I ask for.  A lot of people really disliked it because they didn't understand why it had to be so depressing, which is just weird to me.  I can understand not liking it because it's depressing.  But to say a show that's exploring depressing issues should be more, I dunno, cheery?  Kinda misses the point. 

I'm enjoying Outlander.  It's based on a series of books that I got burned out on around halfway through the second or third book.  But even though I got burned out on them (I think some things just aren't meant to be consumed so quickly) I really enjoyed the characters.  Some people are annoyed with it because Claire and Jamie haven't fucked yet, but I like that the show is working to build a world around a couple people that you know are going to have a major romance.  I can understand anyone who thinks the show is going a bit slowly, because it is, but for some reason I'm liking that.  I don't mind a show that takes its time as long as I'm being entertained.