Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pilot Watch: The Originals

As a die-hard fan of The Vampire Diaries I was quite intrigued by the back-door pilot they aired last season, which featured the "original" vampires from the TVD universe.  There's Klaus (who is actually a wolf-vampire hybrid), Elijah (who is YUMMY), Rebekah, and two other brothers who were boring and I think are actually dead.  There's this whole thing about how since they're the original vampires, they're actually immortal (as opposed to the limited immortality of regular vampires -- they're immortal until you kill them), meaning they can't be killed at all, except oh, there's this white oak stake that can kill them permanently, and I believe these two brothers were indeed staked with the white oak.  I THINK.

Anyway, something something about Klaus going to New Orleans and meeting up with one of his um, sirees?  Children?  Spawn?  I dunno what they call them on this show, but Klaus is his sire, meaning he made him into a vampire.  Marcel is the dude's name and MAN.  He is HOT.  He's also kinda evil and he's got this large gang of vamps and they're basically making life hell for all the witches in NOLA.  And it should be said, Klaus is also pretty evil and there's really no good vamps except maybe Rebekah.  Elijah is less evil than Klaus, but he's still kinda evil and arrogant. 

So, the episode itself wasn't really all that great.  It did a lot of rehashing of the back-door pilot aired last season, plus there was a lot of clunky exposition so any noobs would be able to understand some of the relationships and whatnot.  Which is fine, but it was kinda boring.  I'm presuming it will get better, though, and will keep watching for the forseeable future.

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