Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Roundup

I suppose in the future I'll do something more fancy with this (or not). For now, this will do. It's all of the end-of-year lists that I did. One thing I noticed in putting this together is that I really, really like my TV. I mean, duh. But I should work on doing more movie reviews this year. Plus, I don't give ratings to books like I do with movies and TV. I think that's because I'm so used to starring everything on Netflix. I don't know that I'll change that.

Also, I dunno. I sometimes feel like I have too much leeway on my ratings. I mean, there's really three basic modes: yes, maybe, no. But I do like my gradations so I'll probably keep them.

Favorite TV shows of 2010

TV 2010 runners up and disappointments

TV 2010 odds and ends

All current TV shows I watched in 2010

TV shows I caught up on in 2010

Favorite movies of 2010

Least favorite movies of 2010

All movies watched in 2010

Favorite books of 2010

All books I read in 2010

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