Sunday, December 19, 2010

TV 2010: Odds and Ends

I wanted to write a bit about all of these categories that I've come up with here, but I've been sitting on it way too long and I need to just post it already. I may revisit a few of these categories later for posterity.

Most improved:
Bored to Death
United States of Tara
Parks and Recreation

Most profane:
Eastbound and Down

Raising Hope
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
Boardwalk Empire

Still love, but not as much as I used to:
30 Rock
Modern Family

Party Down
Better Off Ted

Headed for the dust bin:
Castle & Psych: I've watched both of these shows from the beginning. Castle has Nathan Fillion, without whom I likely would never have watched. But even he can only enchant me for so long. Psych I love because of the sheer goofiness of it all, and the pop culture references. Plus, Timothy Omundson is Smokin' Hot. But the appeal is starting to wear thin. There's really only so long you can watch these kinds of shows and I'm about to reach my limit.

Most conflicted:
Glee: Oh, Glee. When you were good, you were oh so good. When you were bad, you were eye-gouging-ly bad. And that's just Glee for ya. It's mostly an inconsistent mess that you're ready to give up on, then they suck you in for a few more eps, then you're ready to to give up again. I will likely keep watching until the suck streak is more than three episodes. But damn.

Just plain fun to watch:
The Good Guys
In Plain Sight
Spartacus: Blood and Sand
RuPaul's Drag Race
Warehouse 13
Being Human
Daily Show / Colbert Report

Most embarrassing:
Pretty Little Liars (oh, it's bad. But I can't stop watching!!!)

Shows I stopped watching:
Burn Notice
The Office
Lie to Me

Shows I started watching and then stopped:
The Big C
Covert Affairs
Human Target

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