Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pilot Watch: Sleepy Hollow

When I first saw the trailer for Sleepy Hollow a few months ago, I figured it was too good to be true.  It looked silly and crazy and just up my alley, but so did other shows like The Cape (which I bailed on 30 minutes in).  I'm happy to report that the show was definitely silly and crazy, and it might actually be good. 

The pilot wasn't perfect by any means.  A little too on-the-nose cheesy at times and a little too much character shorthand.  But it was fun and it was never boring.  And come on.  Mother-fucking SATAN shows up at the end.  I saw that and said, "I'm IN."  I don't really see how it can work as a show long-term, but I'm willing to watch for a while and see.  I didn't think Grimm was going to be much good in the long run, but it turned out to be a fairly decent little show.  And hot British guy alert!  Hot and funny.  Like I said, I'm in.

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