Monday, September 30, 2013

Pilot Watch: The Crazy Ones

Hubbie made me DVR the new Robin Williams show, so I did.  Well, he didn't make me.  Like he has that power!!  I was vaguely interested cuz Buffy is in it and so is "Not so great" Bob Benson from Mad Men.  So I recorded it and we watched it and we laughed, but yeah.  It was funny in that "oh, I have 30 minutes to kill, I could watch this" kind of way, but not in a "I must DVR this and watch it every week or I will DIE" kind of way. 

I suppose if I were actually a TV critic, I'd actually give a synopsis of the show.  It's basically a half-hour sitcom about an ad agency.  Robin Williams is the head of the agency, and Buffy plays his daughter.  And I like them both, and I definitely like "not so great" Bob Benson, but I dunno.  I have a feeling it will be frequently shmoopy and that is intolerable to me.  Hubbie decided he liked it enough that I feel obligated to give it a series recording, but I'll probably make him watch it by himself.

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