Monday, September 30, 2013

Pilot Not-Watch: Various Suspects

No, I didn't not-watch a show called Various Suspects.  I'm just being silly. 

Every pilot season, I worry that I'll miss out on something great.  Like Scandal.  I watched the first episode and liked it well enough, but not enough to keep watching.  But then everyone was like "eeeeeeeeee Scandal is the best LOLOLOLOL" and I was annoyed I'd stopped watching.  HOWEVER.  Netflix put up the first season on streaming and then Hulu had the second season up, and I caught up and didn't even get spoiled on any major plot points.  So now, I'm feeling less anxious.  If I miss something and it starts getting a lot of buzz, I can catch up.

But even knowing that, I still DVR'd a lot of new shows.  Some, like the Avengers Variety Hour, were a given.  Whedon?  IN.  Others were not, but I thought I'd give them a try.  So here are the shows: Mom (Anna Faris!!  Alison Janney!!!), Trophy Wife (Josh Lyman!!), The Michael J Fox Show (BUNK!!), Hostages (Toni Collette!!!), and The Blacklist (UH, Spader?).  So, I actually watched some of the first three shows.

Mom is on CBS and has a studio audience.  Something has to be really, really good for me to put up with that.  And it was .... bad.  I didn't even make it to Alison Janney.  Maybe it'll get better and I can catch up later.  Or it'll get cancelled and I'll be happy I didn't bother.  Trophy Wife had a lot of positive buzz, and it was okay, it was just ... a family show.  I don't really watch family shows.  I might watch genre shows that have good family stuff, but just straight family shows just aren't my thing.  I don't have kids and don't really like them, so there's just so much I can't relate to.  I mean, I love Josh Lyman, but even if we fell madly in Love?  He's got like three kids and two ex-wives and I'M OUT.  So, even though it had potential, it just wasn't the kind of show I'd be likely to watch.  And the Michael J Fox Show?  Similar stuff.  Mostly a family show.  Just not my thing.

Now, Hostages and The Blacklist are kinda more up my alley.  Thrillers.  However, neither really looked very good, and I just decided not to take the time to watch them.  They are the ones that I'd be most likely to get spoiled on plot points, but eh.  I'll live.  I watch a LOT of teevee and there are other shows I'm more likely to get into.  And other shows that haven't even come back yet!  I just don't have to record everything.

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