Monday, January 23, 2012

TV 2011: shows I caught up on

TV 2011 -- Shows I Netflixed or Hulued in 2011.

Watching: The Life and Times of Tim (season 1)
Watching: It's Always Sunny in PA (re-watch)
Parenthood (season 1-2)
The Big Bang Theory (seasons 1-3)
Awkward. (season 1)
Veronica Mars (season 2, rewatch)
Alias (season 1-2)
The Mentalist (season 1, about 7 eps)
The League (season 1-2)
Men of a Certain Age (season 1-2.1)
Men of a Certain Age (season 1)
Tell Me You Love Me (season 1)
Skins (series 2)
Peep Show (series 1)
Look Around You (series 1)
Ben Stiller Show
Samantha Who? (half of season 1)
I'm Alan Partridge (series 1)
House of Cards
Spartacus Blood and Sand (season 1) re-watch 4 stars
Parks and Recreation (season 1-2)  (re-watch)
Law and Order UK
A Bit of Fry and Laurie (series 2-3)
Better Off Ted (season 2) 3 stars (re-watch)

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