Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh, Glee...

I ... I just don't know what to do with you. One week you're funny and almost subtle, the next...sigh.

SO I watched the Rocky Horror Glee thingie on Hulu, and well. It's not really that bad. My main complaint with it going in was that a fucking feminine female person was going to be Dr Frank-N-Furter, but after seeing it, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. They wisely stayed away from doing a faithful re-presentation of the Almighty Curry and had Amber Riley give it some different phrasing, and yeah, it wasn't the same, but at least it wasn't trying to be. That said, I don't see myself watching it ever again. I had to go youtubing just to fully let the awesome Curry wash over me. I mean, I dunno. Brave choice to do something different, but I kinda would've rather seen Mike Chang or The Stamos brave it. I'd rather go watch Giles from Buffy singing "Sweet Transvestite" than watch the Glee version again. No offense to Ms. Riley, but she just did not bring the sexy, and that song needs to be sexy. Dripping with sex and innuendo.

Now. That brings me to Emma Pillsbury singing "Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me" or however many touchas is in that damn title. Now. She brought the sexy. She really needed to be stripped down a bit, but when you can be that ultra-sexy with all your clothes on, I guess that's okay. It's just too damn bad she had to be singing it to ... shudder ... Mr. Shoe. UGH. I kinda thought he was cute when I first started watching the show and now I just cringe when I see him. The best episodes are the ones that keep his douchiness mostly in the background where you can tune him out. And yes. The bod? Definitely sexy. The face?? Punchable.

And I seriously, seriously am sick of Rachel Berry. Sick of Lea Michele. Her Janet was beyond Hammy. Then again, who can live up to the wonder of the Sarandon? One of my all-time favorite lines is when she says, "I'm cold and tired and just plain scared!" cuz she sounds like all those things! She's actually cold and wet and tired and scared, and she manages to parody the damsel-in-distress while actually sounding in distress. I know it's just one line, but it's so good the way she said it. And Rachel just sounded hammy, damsel-in-distress Ham. HAM!!!!!

And the whole Sue Sylvester thing just went way over my head. Didn't understand it. Don't care to. Of course, when you watch a show on Hulu while you're working, sometimes the subtleties can elude one.

I know I'm blathering, but I do have to also shout out to Brittany and Santana, my heroes. They always make the show better in every way. Never change.

So. Glee is still on notice, I suppose, but at this point it seems kinda pointless. I'll probably keep watching until there are three bad episodes in a row. I mean, the show is what it is. A big fat incoherent mess that occasionally fixes itself enough to make you realize why you liked it in the first place. And then next week, the suckage is back. And all you can do is say, "Oh, Glee..."

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