Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Laid to Rest / Dead and Breakfast

Laid to Rest (2008)

I watched this cuz the dude at My New Plaid Pants did one of his Thursday's Ways Not to Die posts and featured this movie. I saw that it was airing on Saturday night on one of our pay cable networks, and I was in the mood for a good slasher movie, so I watched it. And it was okay. Way bloodier than I expected, and it was actually fairly good gore. The slasher dude liked to cut heads off with a big hunting knife, so there was a lot of sawing back and forth and it was a bit squicky.

And the fact that all I can remember is the gore implies to me that the story was kinda meh. And it was. As Jason noted in his post, the characters seemed to just be going back and forth from one location to another, then back again, and so forth. And there wasn't a lot of tension in the movie, which needs to be there for me to be scared that the slasher dude might be coming up behind me in the dark. I don't really have much more to say about it other than the lead actress sure had big fake tits. And she looked like Julie Costello from Murder One.

Dead and Breakfast (2004)

This is one I'd heard of, and just never got around to seeing, and when I saw that is was one of the other pay cable channels immediately after Laid to Rest, I saw that opportunity and went with it. And, yeah. There was that. I saw it. I need never see it again.

Okay, it wasn't that bad. The best part of it was Ever Carradine, who I looked up on imdb and discovered that she's Robert Carradine's daughter, and also, she's Martha Plimpton's cousin, and Martha is Keith Carradine's daughter!! Who knew? Well, um, besides the Carradine family, that is. Anyhoo, Ever Carradine was pretty funny and I quite liked her. She's also on Eureka, which I stopped watching a while ago, but I remember her being cute and funny on that show.

As to what I didn't like...well, early on Deidrich Bader showed up doing this HORRID French accent, and I dunno, that just annoyed me unduly and made me not want to watch anymore. He was dispatched fairly quickly, though, so yay, but then came the really worse part of the movie. The musical interludes. Every so often this stoopid dude would come on and start singing, I dunno, about the plot? He was so annoying I had to mute him. And that was quite often.

So, I didn't really like it, but for some reason I sat through the whole thing and I dunno. It was okay.

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