Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RIP: Dexter

I guess I never put Dexter On Notice. I just gradually got bored with the show and now have no interest in catching up. It's too bad, cuz Julia Stiles is on there right now and I LUV HUH. And I will truly miss Ms. Debra Morgan's filthy fucking mouth. Apparently last week she said "Shit a brick and then fuck me with it!" I bow down, Ms. Morgan. A really low deep bow to the Master.

What I won't miss? Quinn. LaGuerta. Angel!! I loved LaGuerta at one point, yeah, she was a complete bitch, but at least she had personality. And Angel was quite adorable for a while. But the two together? Major buzzkill.

So, goodbye Dexter. I just hope someone alerts me if Michael C. Hall decides to get nekkid or something.

Dexter, to Deb: "Just how much coffee have you been drinking?"
Deb: "A metric fuckton."

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