Sunday, November 14, 2010

No, NO, NOOOOOO!!!!!

My brain works in strange ways. Probably I'm not as unique as I think, but here's how it goes. Things just kinda rattle around in there. I hear something and it goes in and sometimes it kinda stays there, and then when I think I'm not thinking about it, suddenly I have questions about it.

So, I read that Ms. Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow) was going to be guesting on Glee and singing Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" song. Major Ick right away. And of course she can't actually sing the song as is so they changed it to Forget You. Videogum had a link to the song on youtube and I clicked it and watched, Oh, 10 seconds, shuddered, and stopped watching. And then I read somewhere else that the radio edit of the song was "Forget You" so at least the editing wasn't out of nowhere.

Like, you know, when they air a movie on television and have to edit it, and they make the actors say something else to put over the oh-so-naughty words? And suddenly "I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes on this mother-fucking plane!" becomes "I Have Had It With These Monkey-Fightin' Snakes On This Monday-To-Friday Plane!" Jesus Christ. I so fucking hate radio and TV edits.

So this whole forget you thing was rattling around in my brain, and then today I'm on the internet and I suddenly think "Forget You! Radio edit!! Must go to youtube and find this shit!!" And yes, that came out of nowhere. I mean, there was probably some reason, I read something that made me of think of Cee-Lo or Glee or something, and suddenly my brain reacts. So, yeah, I went to youtube and listened to the radio edit. And yeah, it was annoying. Really fucking annoying.

Here's why: the fun of the song is in the profanity. It's the juxtaposition of a light, airy pop song with the words Fuck You as the chorus. Without the fuck you, it's just a light airy pop song with no soul. The two other things I really noticed was that at some point he sings "Ain't that some shit" which became "Ain't that some shhhh...." LAME. And then there's the background bit I really love, "I ain't sayin' she's a gold digga...just thought you should know, nigga." Which they left in, but there's a subtle fading on the "nigga" so if you didn't know it was supposed to be there, you wouldn't notice anything missing. Which just seems like stoopid annoying political correctness shit to me.

And then after listening to that and being annoyed, I went back to my important game of Snood and suddenly my brain said, "ooh, you didn't listen to the whole Goop version, what did they do with all of that??" and I had to pause the Snoods and go listen to the whole Goop thing. Which, if I'd just listened, I might have been fine, but just seeing Ms. Whitebread Pretentious Goop singing that song, oh, my soul died a little. And yeah, they did the whole "shhhhh" instead of shit and they just completely dropped the "nigga" so it sounds like bad rhyming.

I'm a vulgar person. I love profanity. Mind you, I think it has its place and some people use it too much. If you use it too much, it becomes watered down and meaningless. Kind of like how if your parents never swore, but then they suddenly did, you knew they were pissed and you better listen to them. I have listened to comics who just said fuck after every word and after a while, it's like, come one dude. The fucks should enhance, they shouldn't always be the joke, it's just lazy. But when it's done right, it can be awesome. "Forget You" just takes all the sting out of the song and I do Not like it. In my world, Samuel Jackson would have said Fuck You to the people who told him to recite alternate clean lines, but in the real world, that's just what they do. It's incredibly common.

So I dunno. I guess that episode of Glee is this week and maybe in context, it'll seem less annoying. Then again, maybe I won't watch it and I can stop being such a judgmental bitch. Ha!!!!!!! I LIKE being a judgmental bitch. I truly do.

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