Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pop Culture Education: Big Trouble in Little China

Sometimes I'll be reading mah blogs and a bunch of different people will mention a movie or TV show that I've never seen, and I'll decide it's time I rectified that. Sometimes this turns out well, sometimes not. Typically the movie/TV show will be something from the '80's that the people discussing it saw when they were kids and now they're looking back at it with nostalgia. Without that lens of "oh, I LOVED that movie when I was 13!!" these can sometimes look fairly lame to someone not in the know.

The Goonies and Monster Squad are good examples. I watched The Goonies a few months back, and it was okay, worth watching and all, but I didn't love it. I doubt I'd watch it again. Monster Squad I didn't even get halfway through, it was so stoopid. BUT. If I'd seen it when it came out, I might have liked it. Also: The Warriors. I had to netflix that one cuz it was being mentioned so often, but damn, was it bad. Mostly dudes just running/walking places. It was worth seeing so I'd get the references to it, but otherwise, a big waste of time.

Anyhoo: I recently netflixed Big Trouble in Little China. Not sure why I didn't see this one back in the day (1986), but I probably would've liked it then. And I liked it now. It was a big silly movie with Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall. I'd watch it again. My only complaint is that the music never seemed to stop and it was really annoying. But Kurt Russell is one of my faves and he was pretty funny in this without being over the top about it. Plus, damn, he was fine. Still is, but...damn. He wasn't my type back in 1986, but he definitely is now.

I mean. Look at those arms! How can you not love that?? Anyway, sometimes Pop Culture Education is painful (The Warriors) and sometimes it isn't. And this was one of those non-painful times.

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