Sunday, October 12, 2014

Returning show roundup

And now for some thoughts on returning fall shows and where I'm at with them.

American Horror Story: Freak Show -- I am aware of just how much of a mess this show can be.  The first season was very mixed bag, although I mostly enjoyed it.  The second season was definitely the peak for me.  It had some iffy bits sprinkled throughout, but on the whole, I thought it was quite excellent and the ending was very good.  That third season, though.  Coven had all the elements for awesome and it just...fizzled.  There were a lot of great moments, but nothing cohesive.  Not that cohesion is really a thing with Ryan Murphy shows.  But I was all set to watch a fourth season and see what he'd cook up.
And...I dunno.  There were things I liked about the first episode.  That scary clown?  OMG.  That's one to haunt your nightmares, for sure.  Jessica Lange in Marlene Dietrich drag singing Bowie's "Life on Mars?"  OMG, yaaaas.  The rest?  Meh.  After a while it all blurs.  Things that are supposed to be shocking are just old hat by now.  We know all of Murphy's tricks now and nothing is shocking anymore.
The verdict?  I will probably watch another few episodes.  If something doesn't grab me soon, I'll be out.

Scandal -- Season three kinda lost me.  I almost stopped watching but I went back and finished the season.  And I was okay with it.  Not excited for season four, but not dreading it either.  But I watched the premiere and was just...done.  If I could watch the show for the five or ten minutes with Mellie, I would.  But Olivia and Fitz?  They're just gross and horrible and I just can't.  Send them off to Vermont so they can make jam and fuck all they want.  Quinn and Huck, JUST NO. 
The verdict?  I'm out.  I'll keep an eye peeled for good Mellie gifs, but that's it.

Sons of Anarchy -- This show is just mentally and emotionally exhausting.  I already had some thoughts on the season premiere, so I won't re-hash that.  But I'm three episodes behind right now because I just can't deal with these characters anymore.  I hate them all and I don't care what happens to them. 
The verdict?  I'm mostly out.  I will continue to read Zack Handlen's excellent reviews at the AV Club so I know what's going on, and I will watch the finale, but I doubt I'll watch the other episodes now or ever.  I've invested enough time in this story that I want to know how it ends, but that's it.

The Vampire Diaries -- This show.  I didn't watch the first season but then I Netflix'd it and watched it up in time for the second, and man, did I love this show.  There was a lot to like.  And then last season, it just all fell apart.  Partly to blame is the continued existence of Bonnie.  She was a fine character but they never really gave her anything good to do and she'd just show up and do one thing and save everyone but then go away again.  And I suppose that was fine, if boring.  But then they killed her off and I was so happy except then she was an annoying ghost and I started hating her more than I loved the show around her.  And then there's Caroline, who at one point was my favorite character but then it was like they didn't know what to do with her anymore.  Caroline should NEVER be boring, goddammit. 
The verdict?  I'm out.  I didn't watch the fifth season premiere and I likely won't keep up with the show unless someone tells me it gets better. 

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