Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pilot Watch: Chozen / Rick and Morty

Quick thoughts on a few new shows I watched last night.  I'm lumping them together since they're both animated.  Beyond that, there's not too many similarities.

Chozen is on FX, paired with Archer, so I thought it might be up my alley since I LOVE Archer.  It's basically about a gay white rapper (one might use the politically incorrect term "wigga" since he says thinks like "errrybody" even though he's very white) voiced by Bobby Moynihan, who I like a lot.  Unfortunately, the character is just annoying and I dunno, even though it's about a gay rapper and no one seems to really notice, comment or care that he's gay, its humor seems more aimed at the kind of guys who like Eastbound and Down and think Kenny Powers is actually someone to emulate.  I loved Eastbound and Down because it took an unlikable character and made him sympathetic.  And I know I only watched one episode of Chozen and as Linda Holmes from NPR always says, "comedies take time."  So I may go back to this one at some point and see if it gets better.  But for now, there's just too much to watch and there wasn't enough in this one to make me want to watch it again.

Rick and Morty, on the other hand, I LOVED.  I think it's up to three episodes and I only watched the pilot, but I will definitely watch more.  It's an Adult Swim show created by Dan Harmon and it is FUNNY.  It's basically about a kid named Morty whose uncle Rick takes him on weird adventures in different worlds and I dunno how else to explain it.  It's WEIRD and delightful and the voice work is really good.  I no longer have a DVR, but if I did, I'd set a series recording for it.

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